PKW (FESTO) Keg Washer Pressure Regulator

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Midi-size Festo D series directly actuated diaphragm pressure regulator with output pressure constant, primary pressure compensation, secondary venting, and rotary knob with detent actuator lock. 1/4″ threaded port pressure gauge connection. Die-cast zinc housing / NBR seals. Typically goes with Keg Washers and older model brewhouses.

Festo Model LR D-7

Midi Flow rate: 12,500 liter/min.

Temperature range: –10 to +60 °C

Max Operating pressure: 16 bar (240psi)

Also suitable for front-panel mounting.

Two pressure gauge connections for different installation options.

Good regulation characteristics with minimal pressure hysteresis.

Two pressure regulation ranges: 0.5 to 7 bar and 0.5 to 12 bar.

Settings secured via latch on rotary knob.

Return flow option for exhausting from output 2 to input 1.

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