Welcome to Zwickler, a Portland Kettle Works Store offering a wide array of products for beverage and industrial sectors.

We offer replacement parts and new equipment for beverage and industrial production systems. The parts you will find here are relevant and necessary at all stages of liquid processing, including but not limited to heating, cooling, transferring, concentrating, diluting, carbonating, and adding ingredients.
Sanitary fittings include Tri-Clamp (TC) fittings, Butt Weld (BW) Components, Manways, Pumps and Motors, and Clean-In-Place (CIP) components. Other categories include National Pipe Thread (NPT) and process control components, which include valves, gauges, probes, and more. Our electrical section contains all sizes of electrical componentry, to wires and elbows to control units for our Beverage and industrial application systems. The 316 Stainless category contains our inventory of 316 Stainless Steel components. 
Please choose from the categories above that best fit the description of the hardware you need.

If you require customer service, or you have a design for a component that you do not see listed, please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Portland Kettle Works has extensive manufacturing experience in the beverage sector, and many of the items you will find are unique to our store. 


We design, engineer and manufacture many of our store items in our facilities located in Portland, Oregon USA and Queretaro, Mexico. All PKW manufactured parts are backed by an industry-leading three year warranty.