About Us

Portland Kettle Works was founded in 2011 to untap new potential for the beverage industry through innovative process engineering and a mission to manufacture at significantly higher standards. Born from a vision to domestically build superior brewing systems, our journey began with the craft beer scene. As our reputation for being a solution provider for the beverage industry grew, so did our reach and diversification. 

PKWs excellence in precision-built stainless-steel systems became synonymous with the collaborative spirit we foster. Startups found a partner in us, while established producers embraced our dedication to pushing boundaries without compromising service or quality.

Over the years, our innovative approach and excellence in precision engineering of stainless steel vessels expanded to industrial / chemical and life science companies seeking custom design work and superior end-product. 

PKW now proudly manufactures end to end systems for an extensive list of sub-sectors including all categories of beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fertilizer, protein synthesis, and adhesives. Our clients run the gamut from startups through Fortune 500 Companies.  

We owe our experience to countless hours touring production facilities around the globe, working side by side with our clients to build to spec, and expertly installing over 400 complex systems worldwide.

“Clients view us as their creative partner,” says Thad Fisco, PKW founder. “We established PKW not just to build hardware but to accelerate clients through innovation.”

Portland Kettle Works manufacturers in Portland, Oregon and Queretaro, Mexico. The company also owns and operates Zwickler, a componentry, parts and equipment shop, Germ Fogger sanitary systems, and PKW Used Beverage Equipment which decommissions and sells used beverage systems.

We’re passionate about the ongoing pursuit of creativity meeting precision, and see our client success as a narrative crafted one innovation at a time.